About Family Oil

A message from Marty Mosca, Co-Owner of Family Oil Inc.

Ten years ago Chris and I were just starting a family. Chris was working as a driver for a local beer distributor, and I was working as a Jeweler. After 15 years of delivering beer Chris came to the realization that beer delivery was a young person's job and he needed to make a change. Chris being a professional driver could make an easy transition into delivering oil.

With a lot of encouragement from family and friends and some financial guidance from my sister and her husband, we were soon up and running. We began the business as a partnership with my sister and her husband. We are grateful to them for their commitment and the opportunity. Because of their support we were soon able to become full owners. I now believe being naive was a good thing because the transition into the heating oil business was anything but easy. Chris and I have come a long way from the days of running the business out of our home. Special thanks to all of our customers who tolerated the screaming babies in the background while they ordered their fuel.

Today we are located at 635 Wemple Rd. in Glenmont. We have a professional office space, room to store our inventory and Chris is able to work on the trucks in a heated garage as opposed to a frozen driveway. We have some of the best employees out there. We give a lot of credit for our success to our employees' hard work and dedication.

Chris and I have built our business on honesty, respect and customer referrals. We hope you always find your experience with us to be a reflection of these principals. Feedback is always appreciated and welcome as we strive for complete customer satisfaction. Please feel free to call us with any comments or suggestions 767-0018.

Chris' Hobbies and Interests Chris' interest in motors has come in handy in the oil business. Not only does he do a lot of the company's own fleet maintenance but the skills he has acquired have become indispensable for diagnosing and fixing furnaces and boilers. In the summer he enjoys working on old cars. He is currently rebuilding a 64 Chevy Impala and is fine tuning an 1948 Chevy Coup. When Chris isn't busy with the business or cars he can be seen surfing the Internet for the latest deals on cars. Chris also enjoys spending time with family and friends at the family camp in the Adirondacks. While there he enjoys snowmobiling in the winter and boating, swimming and BBQ's in the summer.

Marty's Hobbies and Interests Marty Mosca holds a bachelors degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in jewelry from SUNY Oswego. She continues to pursue her passion for making fine jewelry by launching her own company, MCM Designs. She specializes in making custom, heirloom jewelry. Her designs can be interchangeable within itself or with other pieces. When she isn't working on creating beautiful pieces of art she can often be found rock climbing or in a yoga class. She enjoys water sports and spending time with her family and two spoiled dogs, Dusty and Richard.