Repairs - Annual Tune-Ups - Emergency Service - Oil Tank Removal - Installations


Repairs - Occasionally a customer will experience problems with their heating unit or water heater that requires service. Our trained, knowledgable and experienced service technicians are familiar with many brands and models, and are happy to help you. Please contact our office to schedule your repair. Same day appointments may be available depending on our schedule. Customers can expect to be billed a service call fee, a minimum one hour labor charge and any parts required to service your heating unit or water heater. Please call our office for more details.


Annual Tune-Ups -  Regular tune-ups help your equipment run more efficiently, ensure that your heating system is operating safely and reliably, and can save you money on your energy bills. A typical tune-up may include: visual inspection of the entire heating system, vacuum clean heating surfaces, check flue pipe and chimney flue to be sure it is clear and in good condition, vacuum flue pipe as needed, clean all burner parts including the air fan and housing, ignition electrodes and burner head, replacement of fuel, air filters and bleed all air from fuel system, seal air leaks around the burner and heat exchanger, adjust the burner for it's highest efficiency, start and stop the burner several times to ensure satisfactory operations, inspect the oil tank. Please call our office to schedule your tune up.


Emergency Service - Occasionally customers may experience problems with their equipment that requires immediate attention. Family Oil, Inc. is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you require emergency service after our regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm), please contact our office and take note of the emergency service number on our answering machine. Please call the emergency service number and the owners and technicians will be notified of your needs. Customers can expect to be billed an after-hours service call fee, a minimum overtime one hour labor charge and any parts required to service your unit. 


Oil Tank Removal - Family Oil, Inc. can remove old oil tanks from your premises. Tanks and remaining oil must be disposed of properly. Oil tank removals will require an onsite evaluation in order to determine the cost of removal. Each tank removal is handled on a case by case situation. We will completely remove your old oil tank, existing piping and seal off the fill pipe area to avoid and accidental deliveries. Please contact us to schedule your estimate. 


Installations - Family Oil, Inc.'s technicians are trained, knowledgable and experienced in installing many brands and models of equipment. Whether you have a hot air furnace or hot water boiled, we have the best and most efficient equipment to meet your needs. Our expert technicians are also available to replace your water heater or oil tank. We guarantee you will experience respectful, courteous technicians who are attentive to detail. Your equipment will be installed expertly and will perform according to manufacturer's specifications. The technicians will be mindful of keeping the area clean and tidy, and will remove and properly dispose of old equipment.