Checking the following items before you call, it will help us to serve you better.

  •           - Do you have oil in your tank?
  •           - Have you lost power recently and an electrical breaker is tripped? If so, reset it.
  •           - Is your Emergency Switch in the "off" position. If so, turn it on.
                          This is usually a switch that looks like a regular light switch but has a red switch plate.
  •           - Is your thermostat in the heat position and set to the desired heat setting?
  •                       If you have a programmable thermostat and AC, make sure you have switched the setting from AC to heat.
  •           - If you have a programmable thermostat, have you changed the batteries recently?
  •           - Press the reset button on your furnace/boiler one time only.


These tips are general recommendations. Family Oil Inc. can not be responsible for any damage or injury caused by following these recommendations. If you are unsure of what to do or what is wrong, PLEASE CALL US: 518-767-0018

Carbon Monoxide

If your carbon monoxide detector is sounding, open windows immediately and call the fire department or 911. Remember … carbon monoxide is "the silent killer." It is a colorless, ordorless gas and can be fatal. The fire department is equipped with tools to determine the source of your carbon monoxide leak.